Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dr. King, Ghandi, and Malcolm X

War reduces, depletes,
angers, and competes.
War destroys, ignites,
lingers, and deletes
the consciousness of humankind.

War may kill, fall,
maul, and repeat,
but dr. king, malcolm x, and ghandi
sit, reflect, react and sift
the consciousness of humankind.

When they die,
they stir, arise, and uplift
the eyes of youth
and old forgotten dreams
left to rot through the skin
of hollowed men and women.

and others with guns,
homebrewed bombs,
and kamikazee visions

despise, frustrate, and disengage
the rhetoric of peace
their missions skewing
the consciousness of humankind.

Until love sings again,
it lingers toward hate
beneath traps
of trigger fingers.

dr. king and malcolm x,
you stood on mountain tops
but could not relate
your vision
or escape
the terrorists on
american soil--
the violation of fate!

rise again, peace,
from the mountaintops of war.
cloak and cloud the pestilence
of every soar and sour sting
of hate and prejudice.

until we can be ghandi,
malcolm x,
and all peaceful kings.


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